CNC machine monitoring solutions and efficiency improvement

CNC machine monitoring solutions and efficiency improvement

What is machine monitoring and why is it so important?

Real-time CNC machine monitoring allows users and companies to know minute-by-minute what their machines and equipment are doing while collecting valuable data that can be analysed to improve uptime and overall machine efficiency.

In general, manufacturing monitoring systems allow company production managers to analyse critical production data in real-time through interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs. Moreover, this information can be distributed in a variety of ways: either by posting to a monitor on the machine floor for all operators to see, or by sending customised notifications to an app or any device with internet access.

Let’s look at some of the important points when setting up a machinery monitoring system:

Finding a good CNC machine management software

in the age of digital technologies, it is essential to rely on these tools to keep pace with production demand. With the help of good construction management software or tools, you can greatly improve productivity and efficiency. Construction management tools, such as xynLOG, can be integrated with machines, closely monitoring machine operation and immediately alerting staff or the supervisor if any problems or errors arise.

Clear objectives and precise communication

When setting up a monitoring system, you need to know what objectives you are trying to achieve. Establish clear KPIs and consider attaching an incentive for meeting each of them, communicating clearly and precisely the direction to follow. KPIs are essential to quickly understand the status of production and the business. Some of the basic KPIs include completion of a milestone on time, timeliness throughout the project, additional initiatives taken to solve problems, and overall quality of work.
Efficiency Improvements

Reporting and versatility

are other key elements, as mentioned above. In order to monitor and follow up effectively, it is necessary to have clear parameters. On the one hand, there is the correct use of indicators, but once we have collected the information: what now?

It is essential to find the most effective way to make the information as accessible as possible to the members of the company, adapting it to their needs. Some companies prefer giant monitors in the machine shop or office areas, while nowadays it is also possible to do personalised remote monitoring, to check the status of machines via notifications on a smartphone.

When it comes to productivity data, the presentation of information is critical: clear, timely, and accurate data, presented in an orderly and accessible way, is undoubtedly a key part of production monitoring. Visualisation is important and at xyndata we know that. All these current trends in machine monitoring converge in management systems such as xynLOG: whose computer software monitors physical processes such as CNC machines, robots, or assembly lines and presents real-time information that enables management to make better, fact-based decisions. If desired, this information can be shared with all customers in the network, integrating with ERP and MRP systems.

In summary, it is clear that improving the efficiency of a construction project is a complex task. But with a precise plan and consistent efforts, any company can take their manufacturing automation and CNC machine management to another level. Software and digital tools can offer amazing help in achieving this feat, and by putting the knowledge received into practice, you can ensure that deadlines are met most productively.