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Innovative provider of technical solutions for industry

About us

At xyndata, we help the industry get things done while ensuring their manufacturing processes run smoothly and safely. Thanks to our tools, we reduce machine downtime while increasing uptime.

IoT control

xynLOG is an extension of human' powers on a factory

  • 24/7 monitoring: get an easy and comprehensive overview of your CNC machines and their status remotely
  • online roster: be up-to-date with your actual duty
  • timely notifications: be notified about machine status in real-time
  • access your machine over IP Camera or Webcam
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Bespoke solutions for your shop floor

Software and web solutions tailored to your needs and strategies at a reasonable cost: if you need something special for sensors, IoT, manufacturing, or just a software integration between suppliers, ERP, and the people who do the work.
  • Mobile applications
  • Web portals
  • Native applications
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    For our whole lives we’ve obsessed about performance, and since 2016 xyndata has been keeping people, and machines, running reliably and well

    Fully integrated with your existing solutions

    Getting your CNC machines, auto-lathes, and even legacy machines connected to your software systems can be frustrating – we’ll do that for you.

    Digitize your shop floor

    We hear a lot a buzz about ‘industry 4.0’, let’s make it plain spoken. We’ll give you the information you need to keep things running, and we’ll tell you when it may stop and if we can’t do that – we’ll tell you as soon as it did.

    Great return on investment

    Not everyone can use a one size fits all solution, that’s true for milling and software. If you need something special for your shop floor, plant, or global enterprise, we’re here to help you with straight forward pricing and experts to talk you through it.


    We’ve worked with companies young and old to build solutions for their plants and beyond. We wear their names as a badge of honor, and we’d be honored to add your name to that list.

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    What our сustomers say

    Thanks to xyndata s.r.o., we were able to expand our team quickly and flexibly. Communication with their project managers was flawless and their employees were all highly motivated and solution-oriented.

    We can recommend xyndata without reservation.
    cyberNETix GmbH
    Patrick Zajonc, CEO
    xyndata s.r.o. has helped us significantly in setting our software solution on a new footing. We particularly liked the initiative of the employees, who improved the concept even more. Our expectations were not only met but exceeded. Our topics were implemented in a simple and uncomplicated manner, and that's exactly how it should be.

    AVIRem GmbH
    Katrin Hedinger, CEO
    We hired xyndata s.r.o. to develop the Mac Version of the Software "Click.to".

    Their deep know-how in MacOS Objective-C along with their exceptional engagement ensured the project was finished on time and in budget.

    Axonic GmbH
    Martin Welker, CEO

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