Conversational AI is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on enabling computer systems to understand, process and respond to human language. This technology is an integral part of many service-oriented applications that provide users with personalized and efficient interactions, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer service systems.

Revolutionize Your Customer
Service with Conversational AI

Knowledge-driven chatbot

A knowledge-driven chatbot is a type of chatbot that is designed to provide information or answer questions based on pre-existing knowledge. Its field of expertise can be expanded by integrating with external information sources such as web pages or SQL databases, which opens almost unlimited learning capabilities. A chatbot like that is most commonly used to automate customer support across industries.

Key technologies

Powered by one of the most powerful AI language models. It allows your customers to receive the best available on the market, a human-like experience in conversation.

Out-of-the-box API. Our solution needs minimal effort to launch. There is no need to have large data sets or computing resources for the system to function.

Multilingual The solution supports 30+ languages, so geo- customization will require no effort.

Scenario-driven chatbot

Key technologies

Fine-tuning on small datasample.The system can be fine-tuned toward your specific business scenario using a minimal amount of label data (conversation samples, dialogs, etc.).

Progressive learning capability. Performance and accuracy of the system can be constantly improved by retraining on newly discussed topics. Additionally, it can gather data from numerous external sources, like market prices, internal documentation, etc.

Scenario-driven chatbot

Scenario-driven chatbots are designed to handle specific scenarios. They are used in many industries, including customer service, e-commerce, banking and finance, healthcare, education, and travel. They are best suited for handling repetitive and simple tasks, such as providing information and guiding users through a process.

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