Speech AI

Speech AI facilitates computers and other devices in comprehending and replicating human speech. Currently, the technology is increasingly prevalent in various industries. It is leveraged for constructing voice-enabled and speech processing applications, streamlining meeting transcriptions, and more.

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Voice activity detection VAD

Voice activity detection (VAD) is a crucial aspect of most Speech AI solutions as it enables the identification of the presence or absence of human speech. This technology is used to incorporate speech commands into smart devices, as well as the development of speech-processing applications.

Key technologies

xyndata offers a professional SaaS solution. While Speech APIs are typically sold as a package with many functions, our customer-centric approach allows us to deliver each module separately, providing flexibility at an affordable cost.

Noise resistance Our solution can detect speech even in extremely challenging conditions (for example, when human voices are overlapped with background noises in airports, transport or outdoors).

Language agnostic The solution works in any language and does not require any customization or fine-tuning, which makes the integration of the solution fast and easy.

High accuracy Our solutions have shown state-of-the-art results on generally accepted benchmark data sets.

Automatic speech recognition

Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is a technology that converts spoken language into text. It is used to transcribe audio recordings, enable voice commands in different languages, or identify multiple speakers. ASR has already become the gateway to AI-driven interactive products and services like virtual assistants or smart devices.

Key technologies

Fine-tuning towards specific lexicon, dialect or voice We can adjust our solutions not only for multiple languages but also for specific dialects, slang or terminology within a specific field (health care, law, etc.).

Multiple languages We can build an ASR module for 30+ languages to make the localization of your product/services as flawless as possible.

Progressive learning capability The system will remember any corrections you make to its transcriptions and improve itself with every use.

High accuracy Our ASR applications are guaranteed to have an over 90% accuracy rate.

Voice transformation

The technology allows modification of a speaker’s voice without impacting the text of the original recording. Such a transformation can be done in two ways: cloning and effects overlaying. It is often used to dub series, movies or games into another language, as well as to build a variety of translation applications.

Key technologies

Fine tuning on a small data sample Just a small amount of data (a piece of voice recording) is enough for us to clone and reproduce a specific effect.

Multiple languages Our solutions fully support 30+ languages.

Progressive learning capability The system will improve itself with every use based on your corrections.

Speaker diarization
and identification

This technology labels audio recordings with corresponding timestamps that define boundaries between different speakers. Each segment is associated with a particular speaker. Their gender or age can also be detected. Speaker diarization and identification are an important part of any speech analytics application.

Key technologies

Flexible addition and removal of new speaker voices Our system can recognize a specific voice based on a very short voice recording (10-20 sec).

High accuracy Our solutions have shown state-of-the-art results on generally accepted benchmark data sets.

Language agnostic We can adjust the solution to any language that best fits the task.

Pronunciation validation

This technology can analyze what you say and how you say it by focusing on sounds, not words. Besides speech analysis on a phoneme level, it includes an advanced scoring system on top, followed by detailed visualized feedback. This makes it not only a critical component of an ASR system but also a basis for building pronunciation applications.

Key technologies

Out-of-the-box API The system can immediately evaluate the speaker's voice, saving integration time and money. No fine-tuning or customization is required.

Multiple languages Our solutions fully support 30+ languages

User-friendly scoring logic Each assessment comes with a detailed explanation (which mistakes were made, what can be improved, etc.)

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