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Migration to the cloud can cut businesses’ infrastructure costs. But before doing this, one wants to make sure of it. And here, the largest cloud provider — Amazon Web Services — comes to help.

Amazon offers different programs to help businesses build effective systems in the cloud to make the most out of the cloud. One of these possibilities is the AWS Proof of Concept (POC) Program, which allows you to check for free if these cloud solutions suit your business.

Let’s discover how it works and what amount you can count on.

What is AWS Proof of Concept?

A Proof of Concept (POC) works as ‘try before you buy’. It lets you start with a small-scale project to understand AWS services’ feasibility and functionality in the context of your business. In the result, you will verify whether it is the best cloud option for your goals.

You can experiment with AWS technologies in a controlled environment before committing to a full-scale
implementation. AWS will cover all the costs itself.

If you are questioning why would they do that, here is the answer. When you have tried these tools, migrated part of your workload to AWS, and got used to working with it, there is little probability of the decision to start over with another cloud provider. Business will likely continue cooperation.

Now, let’s get to the numbers.

What funding can I expect for my business?

Proof of Concept funding can cover 10% of the expected total Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for your test workload. If your company expects to spend $75K per year, you can get $7,5K for a proof of concept. But there is a limitation: funding can be at most $25K, even if the potential workload will cost you more than $250K annually.

However, there are no limits on the type of workload you want to fund within the POC: AWS Cloud Applications, cloud migrations, Machine Learning projects, or others.

How do you apply for AWS Proof of Concept?

Some steps are awaiting you within the AWS Proof of Concept:

·Defining the objectives you aim to address using AWS services.
·Selecting AWS services that align with set goals
·Defining the scope of the POC and determining the duration of it
·Setting up the necessary AWS infrastructure
·Configuration and integration, testing, monitoring, and many more.

That’s why, for this funding, the cloud provider requires the participation of a differentiated AWS Partner, who will make your journey smooth and productive.

We at Dedicatted successfully passed all the stages to become a differentiated Partner, so you can start
experiencing AWS services with us. Just contact us via email, and we’ll consult you about this opportunity.


If you’re looking to migrate your workload to the cloud, the AWS Proof of Concept can help you test the benefits of this decision for free. With the involvement of AWS Partner, you can count on funding up to $25K to check if cloud services are a good match for your business.

To try AWS cloud services with POC — reach out to us via contact@dedicatted.com. We will support you at each step of your cloud experience.


Any questions?

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